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Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

Pre-disposition to just be amazing? Sure, why not. This hefeweizen displays a rich golden color that shines through the cloudiness of this type of wheat beer. It's incredibly refreshing and pours with a brilliant white head and beautiful Belgian lace.


Golden Wheat
Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

A play on words or just the color? Grab a glass of the Brilliance Golden Wheat. this beer is an amazingly smooth wheat beer with a deep golden color with hints of citrus and pear.


Belgian Dubbel
Alcohol 8.0% • Bitterness: 18

This Belgian Dubbel lives up to its name, Eloquence. With a rich amber color and complex flavors, this is the fine wine of the beer world. But with a high alcohol content you might not be as eloquent after a few of these.


Dark Wheat
Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

A beer with a touch of ingenuity. We stripped out the golden color and the citrus flavor to produce this amazing beer. This is a wonderful dark wheat that has a subtle banana aroma with hints of chocolate and pours with a beautiful Belgian lace.

Sarcastic as Helles

German Helles
Alcohol 4.9% • Bitterness: 32

We like our wit with a touch of sarcasm and this beer likes to mock inferrior lagers. This German style lager has a clear and golden color with a slight touch of bitterness. Crisp, clean, light, with a slight malty taste.

Dark Illusion

Alcohol 5.0% • Bitterness: 19

Don't let the color fool you on this one. The Dark Illusion has a deep black color but unlike a porter or stout, this beer is a medium lager that has a smooth finish with a hint of chocolate and coffee tastes.



Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

Quite a few things are conceived in the fall. Just saying... And while we create this beer months ahead of time, the idea for this beer was conceved in the fall. This amazing oktoberfest style brings a wonderful amber color and a light malty taste with a slight amount of bitterness.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Founded in 2013, we set out to brew amazing beers for every palate but being in Austin, we had to be a little different (to stick with our city motto, "Keep Austin Weird", of course). While Austin is known for many craft breweries that love to brew with a lot of hops to create some great bitters in their beer, we took a different approach and created some amazing beers that have a perfect balance between flavor and bitterness. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, craft beer newcomers and veterans alike, can find the perfect beer. We take tremendous of pride in brewing the perfect beer to help craft beer newbies fall in love with their first craft beer.

Wit & Ale specializes in brewing German style beers that are full of flavor without an overwhelming amount of hops. We proudly serve our beer in an amazing setting where you can relax with great friends, have a few laughs, and drink some of the best beer ever. Whether you’re the person that just hasn't found a beer to enjoy yet or you’re a beer connoisseur, come try our beer today. We have a beer for every palate and we promise we have a beer you'll love!