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Stop in and enjoy our Wit and Ale brewed beers, guest taps, cider and wine. We're brewing something new everything month and have a wide selection of rotating taps!

Wit and Ale Craft Beers



Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

This hefeweizen is predisposed to being remarkable. It boasts a rich, golden color that shines through the cloudiness of this type of wheat beer. It’s uncommonly refreshing and pours with a dazzling white head and beautiful Belgian lace. It's incredibly refreshing with hints of orange and corriander.


Golden Wheat

Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

Savor a glass of Brilliance golden wheat, an astonishingly smooth wheat beer with a deep golden color with hints of citrus and pear.


Belgian Dubbel

Alcohol 8.0% • Bitterness: 18

This Belgian dubbel lives up to its name. With a rich amber color and complex flavors, Eloquence is the fine wine of craft beers.


Dark Wheat

Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

With a touch of ingenuity, we stripped out the golden color and the citrus flavor to produce this lovely, dark wheat. It has hints of chocolate and a subtle banana aroma, and pours with a beautiful Belgian lace.

Sarcastic as Helles

German Helles

Alcohol 4.9% • Bitterness: 32

This German-style lager mocks inferior beers. With a clear, golden color and a slightly malty taste, a touch of bitterness enhances the crisp, light flavors.

Dark Illusion


Alcohol 5.0% • Bitterness: 19

Don't let the color fool you. Dark Illusion has a deep, black color, but unlike a porter or a stout, this beer is a medium lager with a smooth finish and hints of chocolate and coffee.



Alcohol 5.1% • Bitterness: 18

This sensational Oktoberfest style brings a wonderful amber color and a light malty taste with a touch of bitterness.

Guest Taps

We also have rotating guest taps in addition to our own Wit and Ale brewed beers.
Stop in to taste the latest craft brews.